By John Raffel

Anna Delgado is now ready to pursue a running career at Northwestern University after a championship season at East Lansing.
“Coming off an injury in September and starting the track season with bronchitis, I think her season was nearly perfect,” assistant track coach and head cross country coach Kathy Hubbard said. “She improved every single meet, stayed healthy and focused on her goals and ended the season as a state champion.”
Delgado, who ran track four seasons, was runner-up at the Division 1 State Track and Field finals in the 1,600 meter run and she was state champion in the 3,200 meter run.
Delgado set the ELHS records in the 800 (2:13.3), the 1600 (4:48.88) and the 3,200 (10:33.87).  She broke the 18:00 barrier in cross country (17:59) her first cross country meet of senior year. 
“Anna is extremely dedicated to everything she does whether it be athletics or academics.” Hubbard said. “She always trains very hard and has laser sharp focus on her training, her times and every workout. Anna has the heart of a champion and true love of her sport. She has a strong inner drive to be the best. Besides obviously getting significantly faster, Anna has greatly improved her mental strength and her ability to understand her body.  She is very in touch with her skills and her race every time.  She knows where she is at each lap and where she needs to be to achieve the goal that she set.
“Some of her most memorable moments over the years would be her breaking 18:00 minutes in the 5K; her experiences at team cross country camp; qualifying for the state track finals as a junior and having the experience of competing at a high level; breaking the Greater Lansing Honor Roll meet record in the 1600 meter run. Anna rarely stops training.  It is what she does and a huge part of who she is.  Throughout her senior year injury, Anna was either in the weightroom swinging ropes, doing the elliptical or riding a stationary bike. Many times she even did workouts in the pool.  Throughout the year, Anna is always training. She is very diligent about her mileage and staying healthy. She tries very hard to not put too much stress on her body but still gets a workout in to keep her in shape.  Rest is difficult for her.”
Delgado also ran cross country.
“Anna is the true definition of an elite runner,” Hubbard said. “She never backs down from hard work or challenges.  She will do her workouts in the rain, snow or heat and give 100 percent every time. Anna is the most coachable athlete I have ever had the honor to coach. She always wants to learn more about her body, her race and her as a competitor. She listens to her coaches and is able to execute exactly what she was told. She truly is one of a kind.”
Hubbard said Delgado will be attending and running at Northwestern University this fall.”