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Our Story

When the Great Recession hit in 2008, change became necessary in everything we did in life.

From the way we communicated to the way we were perceived in our news and magazines, big changes were happening.

High School Sports Scene knew it couldn’t stand still and watch the sports coverage high school student-athletes were used to in year’s past get tossed to the side. It would be unfair to those rising stars who were coming up in the trenches not to be recognized.

So after an hour long brainstorming session on the front porch of Randy Miniard’s house Sports Scene became reality and “Keeping the Kids in the News” was brought to life.

Many people before us attempted this bold endeavor and failed. After 13 years and close to 150 issues, I am happy to say to we are still going strong. Like any company we had our share or growing pains in the past, but that has allowed us to grow as a company for many more years to come.

Great things are on the horizon for the future of High School Sports Scene. We are launching a brand new website that has people really excited for the coming years.

Our magazine will always be a staple of High School Sports Scene, but in reality building a strong social media following will allow us to stay relevant for many more years to come.

It has always been our mission to provide the best possible coverage for our student-athletes and after all these year’s we are continuing our excellence of “Keeping the Kids in the News”

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