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Vance Sysak, Coleman 1,178
Garrett Somers, Lincoln-Alcona 1,058
Jace Brown, Mayville 817
Gavin Reeder, Carson City-Crystal 734
Carter Zeien, Au Gres-Sims 702

Garrett Somers, Lincoln-Alcona 20
Vance Sysak, Coleman 14
Jace Brown, Mayville 13
Gavin Reeder, Carson City-Crystal 11
Carter Zeien, Au Gres-Sims 11
Brady Leonard, Portland St. Patrick 9

Wyatt Cartier, Morrice 859
Cole Dewald, Au Gres-Sims 897
Joel Fisher, Morrice 740
Sam Vyner, Whittemore-Prescott 542
Landon VanderVlucht, Carson City-Crystal 719
Brady Leonard, Portland St. Patrick 599
Jared DeVrieze, Coleman 521
Carter Zeien, Au Gres-Sims 541
Brayden Simon, Portland St. Patrick 423
Austin Harris, Farwell 366
Luka Campbell, Mayville 360

Wyatt Cartier, Morrice 12
Cole Dewald, Au Gres-Sims 15
Carter Zeien, Au Gres-Sims 13
Brady Leonard, Portland St. Patrick 10
Sam Vyner, Whittemore-Prescott 7
Jace Brown, Mayville 6
Joel Fisher, Morrice 8
Hudson King, Portland St. Patrick 6
Cole Pendred, Au Gres-Sims 6
Landon VanderVlucht, Carson City-Crystal 9

Grayson Ackels, Carson City-Crystal 589
Austin Foster, Montabella 503
Mason Halsne, Mayville 394
Samuel Bovee, Coleman 363
Collin Walker, Lincoln-Alcona 349
Jeremiah Bullis, Lincoln-Alcona 340
Collin Stockero, Coleman 307
Jared DeVrieze, Coleman 281
Christion Tocco, Whittemore-Prescott 257

Samuel Bovee, Coleman 35
Jared DeVrieze, Coleman 26
Grayson Ackels, Carson City-Crystal 25
Mason Halsne, Mayville 21
Collin Stocero, Coleman 21
Collin Walker, Lincoln-Alcona 21
Jeremiah Bullis, Lincoln-Alcona 19
Luka Campbell, Mayville 17

Grayson Ackels, Carson City-Crystal 8
Samuel Bovee, Coleman 8
Austin Foster, Montabella 8
Jeremiah Bullis, Lincoln-Alcona 7
Cole Pendred, Au Gres-Sims 7
Mason Halsne, Mayville 6
William Liebler, Lincoln-Alcona 6
Christion Tocco, Whittemore-Prescott 5
Collin Walker, Lincoln-Alcona 5
Tyler Zaherniak, Au Gres-Sims 5

Jared DeVrieze, Coleman 72
Brady Hoag, Mayville 62
Travis Murray, Coleman 56
Aiden Mosser, Portland St. Patrick 55
Austin Gutting, Morrice 54
Travis Smith, Morrice 47
Evan Borsvold, Lincoln-Alcona 42
Oliver Long, Morrice 41
Riley Mosser, Portland St. Patrick 41
Dakota Nelson, Au Gres-Sims 41
William O’Neill, Lincoln-Alcona 38
Griffin Long, Morrice 37
Wyatt Buskirk, Farwell 35
Carter Zeien, Au Gres-Sims 35
Mason Tucker, Coleman 33
Samuel Bovee, Coleman 31
Matt Wingert, Mayville 31

Travis Smith, Morrice 7.5
William O’Neill, Lincoln-Alcona 4
Mason Tucker, Coleman 3.5
Dakota Lattimer, Coleman 3
Oliver Long, Morrice 3
Tyler Schliep, Whittemore-Prescott 2.5
Evan Borsvold, Lincoln-Alcona 2
Devin Cook, Portland St. Patrick 2
Jack Gates, Coleman 2
Mason Halsne, Mayville 2
Kaidence Freiburger, Au Gres-Sims 2
Dakota Nelson, Au Gres-Sims 2
Christion Tocco, Whittemore-Prescott 2
Carter Zeien, Au Gres-Sims 2

Cole Pendred, Au Gres-Sims 8
Bransen Bellville, Whittemore-Prescott 4
Logan Glazier, Coleman 4
Nathan Nardi, Lincoln-Alcona 3
Monty Wenkel, Au Gres-Sims 3
Carter Zeien, Au Gres-Sims 3
Cden Binkley, Morrice 2
Luka Campbell, Mayville 2
Austin Gutting, Morrice 2
Landon Simpson, Portland St. Patrick 2
Rylee Strawn, Carson City-Crystal 2
Travis Walker, Lincoln-Alcona 2