Ithaca Varsity softball opened up conference play with a bang this week over Michigan Lutheran Seminary. Here are the stats:

Game 1: Score 4-0 Win
Ivy Davenport hit an MHSAA record with 20 strikeouts in a 7 inning game and took the win.
The offense was led by Kennedi Ryan with 2 hits. Also adding to the offense were Davenport, Emmalee Shankel, Alyssa McPherson, Maeli Akin and Quinne McMurphy. The Jackets totaled 7 hits on the game.

Game 2: Score 16-0 Win
Pitching was a team effort. Davenport pitched 2 innings striking out another 4 batters, and Kennedi Ryan came in for 2 striking out 2.
Offense was led by Emmalee Shankel with back-to-back homeruns going 3/3 at bat and driving in 5 runs. Also adding to the offense was Faith Fisher with 3 hits and Davenport, Maeli Akin, each with 2 hits. The Jackets collected 14 hits on the game.