The Ithaca softball YellowJackets visited a very tough Clare team on Wednesday and split winning game one 9-5 and losing game two 21-16.

Ivy Davenport won game 1 pitching 7 innings allowing one Earned run and had 5 strikeouts. Offensively, the jackets had 11 hits. The offense was led by Megan Mankey with 3 hits while Lauryn Humphrey, Emmalee Shankel and Madison Carman each added two. Carman, Shankel and Faith Fisher each had doubles.

Lauryn Humphrey started game two and then Davenport And Kennedi Ryan came in for relief. Offensively the Jackets had 23 hits. Davenport led the way with 4 hits while Humphrey, Carman and Ryan each added 3. Ryan bombing a HR on the night.

On Thursday the Jackets had their home opener beating Beaverton both games (11-0 and 15-0).

In game one Lauryn Humphrey pitched the 5-inning game allowing only 1 hit, 1 walk and had 9 strikeouts. Offensively, each of the 9 players added 2-3 hits in the game totaling 11 hits for the Jackets. Madison Carman added a double.

In game two Kennedi Ryan took the win in 3 innings, allowing only 2 hits and had 4 strikeouts. Offensively the playing field was even with 8 of the 9 hitters adding hits. Myah Mauer led the way with 3 hits. Mankey and Shankel each added a double and Humphrey and Maurer each added triples on the night.