Ithaca’s softball team has been extremely busy in recent weeks

On Wednesday, May 11, Ithaca traveled to Central Montcalm to face the Hornets.

Game 1: 5-1 win
The score of the game was 1-0 in the top of the 5th inning when Alyssa McPherson’s hit drove in a run. Then in the top of the 6th, Ithaca had runners on base and a wild pitch scored a run, putting us up 2-1. Ithaca then scored three runs in the 7th inning with a triple by Emmalee Shankel and an RBI by Madison Carman. Lauryn Humphrey and Alyssa McPherson led the bats with 2 hits, while Kennedi Ryan, Shankel, Myah Maurer and Madison Carman each added hits. 
Ivy Davenport pitched for the Yellowjackets. earning the victory. She only allowed ome hit and struck out 10 on the day.
Game 2: 15-11 win
The hits came early in the 1st inning when Ivy Davenport singled, driving in a run. Ithaca put up six runs in the third inning with Myah Maurer, Alyssa McPherson, Madison Carman, Davenport all knocked in runs. However, CM came back and the score was tied 11-11 in the bottom of the sixth. Emmalee Shankel grounded out to score one taking the lead, while Kennedi Ryan,  McPherson, and Megan Mankey added hits to take the lead. Ryan, Mankey, and Davenport led the way with three hits each, while Maurer and McPherson added 2, and Lauryn Humphrey, Shankel, and Carman each added 1. Carman’s big hit was a center field shot for a HR.
Kennedi Ryan pitched 5 innings for the jackets, while Davenport came in for the relief.
Ithaca was home against Hemlock on 5/13.
Game 1: 7-2 win
We pulled away from the Huskies in the 3rd inning with singles by Kennedi Ryan, Ivy Davenport, and a home run by Megan Mankey. Also adding hits were Lauryn Humphrey with 2, and Alyssa Mcpherson and Faith Fisher each with 1 hit. 
Ivy Davenport was the winning pitcher with eight strikeouts and 0 walks.
Game 2: 17-7 win
The offense was led by Myah Maurer with 4 hits. Mengan Mankey and Lauryn Humphrey each added 3, while Kennedi Ryan, Emmalee Shankel, and Faith Fisher added 2 and Madison Carman added 1. 
Kennedi Ryan pitched all 6 innings striking out 8 and walking 2.

We traveled to St. Louis on Monday, May 16th.
Game 1: 13-10 win
Lauryn Humphrey led the offense with 4 hits and Megan Mankey added 3. Also adding hits were Kennedi Ryan, Ivy Davenport, Emmalee Shankel, Myah Maurer, Alyssa McPherson, and Quinne McMurphy. 
Humphrey started the game for the Jackets, and Ryan came in for relief. Ryan got the win for the Jackets.
Game 2: 9-6 loss
Ithaca fell behind early, and couldn’t recover. Despite the loss, Ithaca still collected seven hits. Ivy Davenport and Megan Mankey led the way with two hits each, while Kennedi Ryan, Lauryn Humphrey, and Emmalee Shankel each added a hit. 
Ivy Davenport pitched for the Jackets striking out 5 and walking 2. 

Tuesday, May 17, Ithaca we traveled to Bullock Creek:

Game 1: 9-2 loss
Ithacastruggled to get its bats going in this game, however, Megan Mankey led with 3 hits. Lauryn Humphrey added two, one being an over the fence shot to get the 0 off the board, and Alyssa McPherson added one. 
Kennedi Ryan took the loss, pitching 4 innings and striking out 4, walking 0. Ivy Davenport was her relief pitcher with 2 innings and striking out 3. 

Game 2: 10-8 win
The score of this game was 8-2 in the bottom of the 6th inning when our bats came alive. Kennedi Ryan and Megan Mankey each had two hits, while Lauryn Humphrey, Alyssa McPherson, and Myah Maurer each added 1. Ithaca scored eight runs in the bottom of the 6th to take the lead 10-8. 
Ivy Davenport was the winning pitcher. Pitching all 7 innings, striking out 8 and walking only 2.