Last week Ithaca faced Standish-Sterling.

Game 1: Score 12-0 win
Ivy Davenport pitched. She had 12 strikeouts and 2 walks. Only allowing 2 hits.
Offense was led by Kennedi Ryan with 3 hits. Also adding to the offense were Faith Fisher, Hayden Whitmore, Emma Janes and Quinne McMurphy all with 2 hits each. Ryan knocked another HR out, bringing her total to 3 on the year. In 6 innings the yellowjackets raked in 15 hits on the game.

Game 2: Score 15-0 win
Davenport pitched 1 inning getting 2 strikeouts and then Ryan came in to pitch 2 innings with 4 strikeouts.
Leading the offense in this game were: Ivy Davenport, Alyssa McPherson, Maeli Akin, and Emma Janes (Janes with a double and Davenport with a triple). In 3 innings the jackets racked up 12 hits.

Earlier this week, Ithaca went up against Breckenridge:

Game 1: score 9-1 win
Ivy Davenport pitched the game for the win. She struck out 19/23 hitters, had zero walks and allowed 1 hit.
Offense was led by Kennedi Ryan, Faith Fisher and Maeli Akin all with 2 hits. Quinne McMurphy, Emma Janes and Alyssa McPherson each added a hit. Ryan and McPherson both doubled.

Game 2: Score 11-3
Kennedi Ryan pitched. She had 10 strikeouts and only 2 walks.
Offense was led by Emmalee Shankel with 4 hits…Ryan and Akin followed with 3 each. The Jacket racked up 17 hits in that game.