Akron Fairgrove defeated Ashley 36-14 this week
For Ashley:
Logan Drummond 2 for 10 for 55 yards with 1 interception
Dillan Beebe had 1 catch for 49 yards
Bailey Long had 1 catch for 6 yards
Logan Drummond had 101 yards on 15 carries with 2 TDs and 1 – 2 point conversion
Bailey Long had 27 yards on 12 carries
Logan Drummond had 10 solos 11 assists
Dillan Beebe had 10 solos 7 assists and a sack
Bailey Long had 9 solos and 9 assists
Gavin Malek had 2 solos 6 assists and a fumble recovery
Special Teams:
Logan Drummond had 4 Kick returns for 70 yards. He had 5 punts for 66 yards
Gavin Malek had 3 kickoffs for 75 yards with a failed onside 
Coach Kevin Saylor: “We didn’t tackle well, we didn’t open any holes, we couldn’t pass or catch, we ran to the wrong holes at times and we flat out ran a different play than was called more times than i’d like to admit. I’m not sure if we forgot how to play football or we just forgot to get off the bus or we were thinking we could win without even playing but that was one of the most brutal games that i’ve been a part of. We’ll get back to work next week and go back to the drawing board to try to decipher a great Morrice team coming in.”