SCHOOL: Ithaca
YOUR NAME  Jessie Rayburn
POSITION: Varsity Girls Golf Coach
Please answer extensively
1. 1.) Your 2020 record and highlights— and thoughts. We were just happy we were able to play last year. 
2. 2.) Name some key athletes that have graduated and your remembrances on their
contributions to the program.  Abbie Hillman will be back this year as a senior.  This is only her second year of golfing.  She has improved a lot and will continue to improve.
3. 3.) Please mention several athletes who will be key performers…name, year in school,
position. Your expectations from each of these athletes this season. (Feel free to attach a
roster if one is available).  Ivy Davenport, F     Lakyn Zimmerman, F    Adrianna Rodriguez, S
4. 4.) What expectations do you have of your team this season?  We expect to improve throughout the season and finish in the top half of our conference.
5. 5.) What will be your team’s strength?  Our team strength will be that we all want to improve.
6. 6.) What are some things this team needs to work on?  We need to continue to play and learn how to score better out on the course.
6. 7.) Your conference: How strong is it and who would you consider the league favorites? Where
do you see your team fitting into the league race?  Top half
8. 8.) How has it been to have a preseason like this with the lessening of COVID restrictions?  Season has been going well even with the COVID restrictions.  It is a lot better than last year as of right now.  It may change, and we will adapt to that change.