SCHOOL: Laingsburg High School

YOUR NAME: Natalie Elkins

POSITION: Varsity Head Boys Soccer Coach



SPORT:  Soccer                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Please answer extensively

  1. 1. Your 2020 record and highlights— and thoughts.
    1. Lost our coach of 5 years abruptly when he moved to a new job in FL—so I have no records of last season.


    1. 2. Name some key athletes that have graduated and your remembrances on their contributions to the program.

Same answer-Except Cade Clone and Cam Salas graduated in 2020 and were both 1st team all area. I did assist girls last year, and headed JV—so I can share that in the spring…

    1. 3. Please mention several athletes who will be key performers…name, year in school, position. Your expectations from each of these athletes this season. (Feel free to attach a roster if one is available).
    2. Junior Luke Snyder is a returning keeper, and has the potential to really support the D line. Junior Dylan Hulliberger was honorable mention all area last season-and will hold the 6 (defensive mid) with fellow juniors Brayden Thomas, one of our best ball handlers (playing at the 10-Attacking mid and Captain) and Adam Myers playing at the 8 (center mid). Senior Addison Goff returned after a 2 year break at the 4 position (center back)  to help Junior Alex George hold center D (Captain at the 5) with junior Aaron Willoughby (Captain) playing right back ( at the 2), and Freshmen Mitchell George stepping up to play the 3 (left back and bro of center back Alex). Senior newcomer Miguel Fajardo completes our offense at the 9 (striker) to give us depth. We have a decent bench, and boys who have the stamina to run the winger spots.


    1. 4. What expectations do you have of your team this season?
    2. For the first time in 11 years we’ve fielded a JV team—the best players on that team will double roster to play for Varsity in most games too—to build their skills. We have a team of 6 seasoned coaches working together at every practice and game to support the growth in the program, and to retain talent for next year.
    3. Our first 2 varsity games allowed us to have a 2-0 shutout against Owosso, and a 4-0 shutout against Corunna, building confidence. We just need to learn to play better possession ball against quicker teams. And learn to trust each other to coordinate plays.


    1. 5. What will be your team’s strength? Strong D and excellent mid field possession/passing to lead the offense to shot opportunities. We have 5 groups of brothers on the team-so our bonds are pretty strong.


    1. 6. What are some things this team needs to work on? Communication and trust—so we don’t have 2 players covering the same spot on the field, and so wingers crash the net for EVERY run or shot.


    1. 6. Your conference: How strong is it and who would you consider the league favorites? Where do you see your team fitting into the league race?
    2. We will compete well in our Conference-once we have a few contests under our belt. Lansing Christian and Lakewood will be our toughest competition—we can match them—if we settle down and play strong, patient D and possession ball.


    1. 7. How has it been to have a preseason like this with the lessening of COVID restrictions?

We started with 2 a days for an entire tryout week, in the heat, to get a solid start on building their stamina and camaraderie.


    1. 8. Any other comments? We have strong, patient, skilled leaders that will bring this team together. And coaching staff that works VERY well together-so every player can find one coach that speaks their soccer language. Asst. Varsity Jeremie Wilson, Head JV Jackson Wilson, Asst JV coaches Mike Salas and Chase Rodriquez and Keeper coach Brad Kramer.