Bridgeport 53, Alma 42

Boys basketball, March 11

Alma’s defense caused problems for Bridgeport early as they led 9-6 after the first, and 18-15 at the half. In the third quarter Bridgeport turned steals into easy baskets to take the lead 32-24, Bridgeport pushes out to 15, Alma cut it to 8 and then ended 53-42.

Alma was led by Paul Gadde’s 15 pts, AJ Omans added 10 pts.

Bridgeport was led by Omarion Wilkins 16 pts 10 rebs, AJ Pipkins 15 pts, & Ramaureon Arthur 14 pts.

Alma goes to 8W, 4L, 7W, 4L TVC.