Freeland Dual (Freeland 31 – Frankenmuth 42)
Wins recorded by Griffin Barker, Konner Roche, Brendan Marker, Josh Juillett, Ashton Edie, Kaden Miller, Ian Stephens, and Lance Keinath

171: Griffin Barker (FRAKMUTH) over Elijah Murphy (FREELAND) (Dec 3-2)
189: Konner Roche (FRAKMUTH) over Reese Hancock (FREELAND) (Fall 0:53)
215: Dylan Kuebler (FREELAND) over Owen Fehrman (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 0:44)
285: Brenden Marker (FRAKMUTH) over Anthony Brewster (FREELAND) (Dec 5-0)
103: Joshua Juillett (FRAKMUTH) over (FREELAND) (For.)
112: Ashton Edie (FRAKMUTH) over (FREELAND) (For.)
119: Kaden Miller (FRAKMUTH) over (FREELAND) (For.)
125: Ian Stephens (FRAKMUTH) over (FREELAND) (For.)
130: Lance Keinath (FRAKMUTH) over (FREELAND) (For.)
135: Cayden Remainder (FREELAND) over Nate Morris (FRAKMUTH) (MD 11-3)
140: Tyler Tomasek (FREELAND) over Lucas Miller (FRAKMUTH) (Dec 10-7)
145: Cole Fournier (FREELAND) over Tanner Clontz (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 1:33)
152: Jacob Stevens (FREELAND) over Logan Geitman (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 2:43)
160: Nolan VanLoo (FREELAND) over (FRAKMUTH) (For.)

Highlights –
Griffin Barker (Fr.) came out on top in a big match against Freeland’s Elijah Murphy, winning 3-2. Konner Roche (Sr.) won by pinfall against Reese Hancock in under a minute. Brenden Marker (So.) defeats Anthony Brewster 5-0, while bumping up to the 285 pound weight class.

Standish-Sterling Dual (Stan/Ster 18 – Frankenmuth 58)
Wins by Konner Roche, Brendan Marker, Kaden Miller, Lance Keinath, Nate Morris, Lucas Miller, Tanner Clontz, Logan Geitman, Owen Fehrman, and Griffin Barker.
189: Konner Roche (FRAKMUTH) over Nathan Tremble (STANSTER) (Fall 1:37)
215: Brenden Marker (FRAKMUTH) over Garrett Jarrard (STANSTER) (Fall 0:30)
285: Double Forfeit 103: Clay Lachcik (STANSTER) over Joshua Juillett (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 3:04)
112: Tyler Foco (STANSTER) over Ashton Edie (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 1:43)
119: Kaden Miller (FRAKMUTH) over (STANSTER) (For.)
125: Allen Hugo (STANSTER) over Ian Stephens (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 3:20)
130: Lance Keinath (FRAKMUTH) over Trenton Hunter-Slentz (STANSTER) (MD 19-11)
135: Nate Morris (FRAKMUTH) over (STANSTER) (For.)
140: Lucas Miller (FRAKMUTH) over (STANSTER) (For.)
145: Tanner Clontz (FRAKMUTH) over Tyler Majdecki (STANSTER) (Fall 5:58)
152: Logan Geitman (FRAKMUTH) over (STANSTER) (For.)
160: Owen Fehrman (FRAKMUTH) over (STANSTER) (For.)
171: Griffin Barker (FRAKMUTH) over George Johnson (STANSTER) (Fall 3:26)

Highlights –
Konner Roch started things off of the Eagles with a win over Nathan Tremble by Pinfall in 1:37. Brenden Marker went on to capture a 30 second pin and win over Garrett Jarrard. Lance Keinath battled it out against Trenton Hunter-Slentz and won 19-11. Tanner Clontz pinned Tyler Majdecki after trailing the whole match with a stunning pin having only 2 seconds left in the match. Griffin Barker pinned George Johnson in 3:26.

Swan Valley Dual (Swan Valley 33 – Frankenmuth 45)
Wins in this match by Brendan Marker, Josh Juillett, Ian Stephens, Nate Morris, Lucas Miller, Logan Geitman, Griffin Barker, and Konner Roche.
215: David Hernandez (SSWANVAL) over Owen Fehrman (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 1:10)
285: Brenden Marker (FRAKMUTH) over (SSWANVAL) (For.)
103: Joshua Juillett (FRAKMUTH) over (SSWANVAL) (For.)
112: Tyler Ueberroth (SSWANVAL) over Ashton Edie (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 0:18)
119: Omarion Lee (SSWANVAL) over Kaden Miller (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 0:37)
125: Ian Stephens (FRAKMUTH) over Caleb Brandel (SSWANVAL) (Dec 19-16)
130: Matthew Adams (SSWANVAL) over Lance Keinath (FRAKMUTH) (Dec 10-5)
135: Nate Morris (FRAKMUTH) over Landon Charboneau (SSWANVAL) (Fall 1:15)
140: Cody Ueberroth (SSWANVAL) over Tanner Clontz (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 0:38)
145: Lucas Miller (FRAKMUTH) over Paul Miller (SSWANVAL) (Fall 0:16)
152: Logan Geitman (FRAKMUTH) over Brice Tweddle (SSWANVAL) (Fall 1:47)
160: Griffin Barker (FRAKMUTH) over (SSWANVAL) (For.)
171: Kyle Demand (SSWANVAL) over Ethan Fehrman (FRAKMUTH) (Fall 0:37)
189: Konner Roche (FRAKMUTH) over (SSWANVAL) (For.)

Highlights –
In the duel of the night, Logan Geitman and Ian Stephens stood out amongst the rest to seal the deal and win for the Eagles.
Logan Geitman (Jr.) got some payback against Brice Tweddle of Swan Valley who he lost to last year and he did it in dominant fashion. Logan didn’t just win the match, but captured the pin in the first period to pick up some bonus points for Frankenmuth.
Ian Stephens (Jr.) stepped up big against long-time wrestler, Caleb Brandel. Ian went to work in what was the highest scoring match of the season and secured the big win 19-16 over Swan Valley.
Nate Morris and Lucas Miller both captured important pins in the first period against Landon Charboneau and Paul Miller.

Franknmuth Coach’s Comments:
We knew Swan Valley was going to be a tough duel with some big matches. Without everyone in our line-up, it wouldn’t have been possible. Logan Geitman and Ian Stephens really had the biggest matches of the night that made this win possible. Logan faced off against a guy he lost to last year and really showed off how much he’s improved. He knew what he needed to do and got the job done. Ian is a first year wrestler who has really been taking to the sport well. He had to wrestle someone who is no stranger to the mat and really pulled out an amazing win in a firework match.