Ionia High School

Boys Swimming                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Coach Laura Cairns comments:

  1. 1.) Briefly recall highlights of the 2019-20:season; records, top moments etc. One of the highlights of the 19-20 season was being one of the last sports to complete it’s season before COVID shut down everything. 


  1. 2.) Name some key athletes that have graduated from last season’s team and your remembrances on their contributions to the program. All three graduates, Zakk Hensley, Braedon Reisbig, and Jesus Acuna all contributed in unique ways. Zakk brought heart and enthusiasm as well as speed. Braedon  demonstrated excellent determination, and Jesus brought a high level of athleticism and strong work ethic.


  1. 3.) Please mention several  athletes who will be key players…name, year in school, position. Your expectations from each of these athletes this season. (Feel free to attach a roster if one is available). The team is very small this year, only 6. 4 Of them have 3-4 years experience, so every swimmer is extremely important. I expect each of them to strive for continued improvement and push each other to their full potential. Our swimmers: Joel Cairns – Senior
    1.                        Elijah “JJ” Harris – Senior
    2.                        Xander Lange – Junior
      1.                        Kenny Felice – Junior
      2.                        Andrew Gerdes – Junior
        1.                        Tim “Puppy” Kanouse – Freshman


  1. 4.) What expectations do you have of your team this season? I expect them to work hard and support each other. I also expect them to enjoy themselves and appreciate the little bit of “normal” that daily practice brings.


  1. 5.) What will be your team’s strength? Our strengths are having a few “veteran” swimmers to lead the new ones. They are also receptive to constructive criticism.


  1. 6.) What are some things this team needs to work on? We still need to build endurance and fine tune technique. All dedicated athletes work on continuous improvement. 


  1. 7.) Your conference: How strong is it and who would you consider the league favorites? Where do you see your team fitting into the league race? CAAC is our conference and it’s generally dominated by Mason, & Williamston. 


8.) Any other comments? In swimming, especially on a very small team, the focus is not necessarily the final outcome but each swimmers individual improvement. By the end of even this short season, if a swimmer is better than they were at the beginning, that’s a successful season.