Brad Mrozinski coached a boys bowling team which had a sparkling season at Carrollton.

The team finished the regular season at 10-4 and one of the best teams in program history.

“I used to coach Bridgeport for nine years,” Mrozinski said. “We had a couple of good teams there too.”

Carrollton scored 1,000 in one of its games.

“That’s the highest we’ve ever scored,” Mrozinski said.

Three bowlers have had exceptional seasons. Junior Gabe Rowan has had games of 230, 221 and 208.

“He has scored pretty high a number of times,” Mrozinski said. “He’s gotten better as the year has gone on, which is encouraging to see.”

The team’s best overall bowler is Bernard Grappin “who is always capable of throwing high games,” his coach said. “He’s our highest average bowler. He’s in the high 170s.”

His most consistent bowler has been freshman Connor McMahon, averaging in the 170s.

“He doesn’t even know how good he is yet,” Mrozinski said.

He could see where the team improved all season.

“Our Peterson scores are going up,” Mrozinski said. “We’ve been in the 900s at times and we had the 1,000.”