Thursday boys basketball

Bay CityWESTERN – 77
Central – 45
Western coach Demario Walker: Suck it up and toughen up is what this game was all about. All week thats what our focus point was because we had guys banged up and sick etc. tonight our guys showed grit and toughness! I told the boys multiple times, great moments are born from great opportunities. Our defense is clicking! Another great defensive game. Only giving up 12 points in the first quarter and only 7 points in the second quarter. At half we were satisfied with our game play with the score 29 (BCW) to 19 (BCC). Our defense has been outstanding the past few games and it’s showing. After half time we made minor adjustments and finished strongly 77 (BCW) to 45 (BCC). Unlike last game our free throws were a lot better, we went 15-18 from the line and missing our last 3 in the 4th quarter. The boys know what I expect and I know what I’m going to get out of them. Our boys didn’t let the environment get to their head with the Coaches vs Cancer fundraiser and the stands packed with fans. These boys are putting in work and I couldn’t be more proud for them. All the credit to them, they put in work everyday We just guide them! They don’t complain they just work! You would think not winning many games that it would be hard to keep them motivated but it’s not because they know where we are! The greatest gift and blessings in life come from the bottom. We are coming from the bottom and making our way up! Not done yet! 
Jack Fryzel- 21 points
Luke Gillis – 19 points 
Aaron Norfleet- 12 points 
Lance Wiltse- 9 points