Kristen Ritter

Varsity Coach



Last year our overall record was 8-21 and our conference record was 2-12.
Key athletes that have graduated are: Aleshia Chesebro (Outfield, pitcher), Kelsea McConnell (shortstop), and Leah Schnepp (Outfield). Leah had our highest batting average last year. Aleshia was our leader in the outfield while playing Center Field. Kelsea was the leader in the dirt as our short stop.
It’s early in the season, but I am expecting some of our younger girls to play key roles this year. We have a young team. Katelyn Edwards, Junior, has the heart for softball and isn’t afraid to get dirty. Marissa Taylor and Gabby Looney, both Freshman, have been working hard to fill big shoes. Kyleigh Bish and Morgan Gotwalt, our only two seniors, play big roles as pitcher and 1st baseman, respectively.
My big expectation is to grow as a team. I think this year will be a year of learning, especially with this young of a team. Learning the speed of the game, how to react to different game situations, and what it means to be a high school Varsity softball player.
Defense will be our strong suit. Working as a team and getting the outs!

As a young team, they need to learn to communicate on the field. Our goal for this year is to focus on improving our batting stats while maintaining our strong defense.

Lowell is strong in our conference.