Freeland High School’s soccer team is coached by Ciaran Byrne

“Last season we were league champs, district champs, regional champs, and state runners up.  One of the top moments was the 6-1 win over Grand Rapids CC in the state semi final. The girls completely overwhelmed their opponent with a massive team performance.

Mackenzie Stroeble- very important leader for the team, strong physical presence on the field, great goal scorer.

Hannah Doran- The engine of the midfield, very vocal leader on the field, excellent passing skills

Autumn Kloha-12th- CM/F- Autumn will be expected to do it all this year.  She will be relied on for goal scoring, creating goals, being a physical presence in midfield.

Erin Tyson-12th-F/W-Erin will be expected to contribute massively with goals, and we will rely on her experience and leadership from being a part of two state runner up finishes.

Tori Pilon-11th-Def-Tori will be expected to be a lockdown defender for us, as well as joining the attack and helping us on both sides of the ball.

“I know that we are favorites to win our league, district, and regional and I think we have what it takes to play for another state title.  So, we expect great things of ourselves. Those expectations can bring pressure and many of these girls are very used to that kind of pressure.  

“I think one of our strengths is that we are a balanced team all over the field and we are able to bring girls off the bench that could start on some of the teams we play.  We just have solid players in every position.

“Right now, we need to unite and learn to play together.  We just got our basketball girls back after a state final run there, so there is a lot of preparation needed and a no time between matches to do it all.

“Our conference is not very strong, and we are definitely the favorite.  We know we should win the conference assuming we put in the work and do the things we train to do.”