Andrew Doerr is boys coach for Sacred Heart Academy

Top ATHLETE: Evan Chomchai (3 years on varsity)

Patrick Ervin (2 years on varsity)

Noah Krepostman (2 years on varsity)


Coach: “This trio of seniors will lead another strong group of golfers from Sacred Heart.  They each have worked on their games a tremendous amount this past summer and into the fall.  While all 3 play on our 8-man football team, and competing in other sports over the winter, (Evan and Patrick: Rec Hockey, Noah: SHA Basketball), they are excited to dust off their clubs and be outdoors this spring.    

“Any available pertinent stats? Each of the boys put in the time to be better players between their sophomore to junior years, and look forward to scoring lower. Evan averaged 5 strokes less per 9 holes from sophomore to junior year, Patrick (5 strokes) and Noah (8 strokes) truly enjoy the game and each other’s camaraderie often working on their golf games together. Bouncing ideas off each other and discussing the complexity of the game has each showed them different perspectives made them more aware and well rounded. Evan during his freshman year, learned the game and competed on the same team as his brother Ryan. Patrick was familiar with the game, but played baseball his freshman year and switched to golf after that. Noah was brand new to the game coming into his sophomore year, but joined the team anyways.  With hard work and putting in the time, has showed great growth the past two seasons.

‘I expect all 3 seniors to compete in every match this season and look to improve on all of their statistics from the past season.  As a team, we track all stats about the game including putts, FIR, GIR, Up and Down %, etc. as a way to measure progress and show where we need to improve as individuals and as a team.

“These group of seniors show up and are ready to work everyday.  They often get out and play on the weekends looking to improve.

‘One of the things I will remember the most about this crew is the success that follows them all athletically and academically.  Whatever they do, they will put in their best efforts and success follows that. The team conversations, dinners, and road trips are memories that will stick with this group forever and that there is what athletics are all about.  Competing and winning is fun at that time and place, but when players and coaches sit down and reflect, it is the moments off the golf course that are remembered.

“The team will begin its season April 18th at the Lakeview Match Play Invite at St. Ives.  With a great schedule ahead of us, including playing 5 tournament rounds in 6 days, Sacred Heart Boy’s Golf will be challenged and expect to show improvement consistently all season long. It is not about how we start in April, but how we finish in May and June.’