Cari Scholtens is Head Coach of Women’s Track and Field  for Greenville in  the OK White


“We had a nice squad in 2018 and it was a fun group to watch.  Especially the 4×400.

Key athletes: Sara Yob – Mid-Distance/Relays, Hailey King – Mid-Distance/Relays, Danielle Bigalow – Distance, Maddie Town – Distance, Adele Kemp – Discus, Mid-Distance, Allie Leslie – Discus, Shot, Terin Battles – Discus, Shot, Emma Huizinga – Mid-Distance, Molly Ramos – Sprints, High Jump.

Scoiltens?”I am treating this season as a season of growth. We have a huge majority of freshmen and sophomores and I am interested in helping them develop athletically.  We also have a good core of Juniors and Seniors so I am happy to have their leadership.

“The 4×400 will be a fun race to watch.  Further, it seems that in about every event we have a junior or senior leader to take the young kids under their wing.  As a first year head coach, I am very happy that this is the case.

“Again, we are very young overall.  Having such a young team means that we need to grow up in about every way.  Athletically and in terms of maturity. It will happen, but it will take time.”