Grand Ledge gymnastics coach Terrie Westman expects to have another strong team this season.

2. Samantha Hetzer was unfortunately injured for the whole season last year although in past seasons she helped the team as much as she could with her skills.
3. As a young team we are still working and do not know our “key players” yet. We think that every person on the team plays a key role in our success not only this season but in seasons to come.
4. Expectations for this season are that we win conference meet as a majority of a team of freshman. We also would like to show that we are a strong not only as a team but a sisterhood.
5. Our teams strengths are holding  each other accountable and uplifting each other during practices and meets. We are also getting very strong on specifically beam and floor. As a freshman team we believe we are making a mark in the gymnastics community.
6. Some things that the team can work on are upgrading our skills faster and competing them.
7. Our conference has downsized this season. We consider fowlerville to be a favorite and we are going to try our best to compete against them this season. We see our team as apart of the top three in the conference.
8. This year is a big learning year for us as a mostly freshman team. We believe that we could do big things in the future. Look out!