The Greenville Boys and Girls XC teams ran at the Chip Hills Early Invite on Tuesday, August 21. A total of 15 teams participated in 2 Divisions. GHS came in 3rd place in the Big School Division.  Mt Pleasant Sacred Heart was the overall winner followed by Shepherd.  Top 50 earned medals. A total of 151 boys participated.

 The following results…  11 boys ran.  We had school on Tuesday and some kids wanted to go with that “first day of school”…..
Also have Ellis Mason (jr) who is hurt. Holds the GHS XC record…..if healthy = really good XC runner. 

GHS Boys
15   Ian Lee    18:44
19   Titus Bretzke  18:57
33   Aaron Amidon  19:37
34  Matt Jeffrey       19:39
36  Gavin Dykstra    19:51
38  Micah Bouman   20:00
58  Keagan Mills      21:21
87  Derik Holmberg   22:52
88  Deagan Moore    22:58
90  Charlie Weinheimer   23:09
93  Austin Navarre       23:14