The Arthur Hill vs. Saginaw High rivalry is one of the longest-running in the state of Michigan.

The football rivalry began on Nov. 10, 1894, when Saginaw West Side shut out Saginaw East Side, 18-0, at Union Park, a privately-owned field northwest of Stone School.

This 119-year-old rivalry likely came to an end Oct. 27, when Arthur Hill defeated Saginaw High 28-0.

It’s really hard to even think about the game being the last in this long-standing rivalry. Epic battles took place between the two schools, and an endless number of Division 1 athletes came out of these storied programs.

From 1909 through 1954, the game was the highlight of the football season and a holiday tradition. Arthur Hill and Saginaw High played every Thanksgiving, with kickoff usually at noon, giving players and fans time to watch the game and still make it home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Regardless who won or lost the final game, both teams left all they had on the field. Despite the struggles both teams have had through the years, the memories will remain.

The current Saginaw School District plan is to close one of the schools at the end of the school year and to merge the two into one high school, marking the end of the rivalry that included players such as LaMarr Woodley, Sam Sword, Terry Eurick, and Charles Rogers.

The city of Flint went through the consolidation of historic programs, with both Central and Northern closing their doors.

It’s an ongoing saga that Michigan schools face. Student enrollment is down across the board, and drastic measures sometimes are needed.

Regardless of what the future holds, the student-athletes will always remember the last time that they wore the colors of their respective schools. New memories will be made after the decision is made by the school board.

Thanks for the memories.