School: Holton 

Nickname: Red Devils 

Coach: Jack Nummerdor

2013 record:  2-7

Players lost: 5

Players returning:  22

Coach’s comment: We have been working hard since the new staff was hired to establish an attitude that the MHSAA play-offs is something we will get to every year. This is a great year to start a change in Holton.  The town deserves a great product.


School: Morley Stanwood 

Nickname:  Mohawks

Coach: Clark Huntey

2013 record:  2-7

Players lost: Tim Cairnduff

Players returning:  Chase Huntey, Mike Carey

Coach’s comment:  We ran the T about three or four years ago, and now we’re back to it.


School:  Hesperia

Nickname:  Panthers

Coach: Aaron Sims

2013 record: 4-5 

Players returning: Cody Dennis, Dom Varela, Eric Rosema, Joe Allen, Johan Wungnema, Kade Witte, Nate Smith, Terry Doran, Todd Doran, Brandon Goins, Tyler Quinn, Josh Eurke


School:  Lakeview 

Nickname: Wildcats  

Coach: Sean Rinehart

2013 record:  7-2

Players lost: 10 

Player returning:  Caleb Ruvalcaba


School:  Kent City

Nickname:  Eagles

Coach: Tom Krueger

2013 record: 3-6  

Players lost: Jake Krueger, Dalton Dayton, Chad Brown, Kyle Boyd, KJ Herremans, Cody Carson, Sam Lewis, Brandon VanWert, Jayson Ellicott, Mason Versluis

Players returning: Shane Rodenburg, Tyler Ergang, Dustin Heeringa, Chase Stockhill, JC Hagenah, Christian Madrigal, Zach Widener, Preston Widener  

Coach’s comment: We graduated a lot of starters from the 2013 season. For what this team lacks in experience, we certainly feel they make up for in hard work, dedication, and team unity.


School: White Cloud

Nickname:  Indians

Coach: Julian Castillo

2013 record:  0-9

Players lost: Daric Paul, David Dykstra, Brandon Schumacker 

Players returning:   Alix Ayers, Alan Burkholder, Kaleb Wilson, Erik Visser, Greg McDonald, Tito Rodriguez, AJ Asuncion 

Coach’s comment:  We hope to improve every day this year.