Jim Ahern likes how his Lansing Catholic football team is playing after a 2-0 start.


Of course, he wouldn’t mind seeing them perform better in upcoming weeks.


Last week, a 37-17 topping over Flint Powers put Ahern’s team at 2-0.


Cooper Rush was 10 of 18 for 187 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed seven times for 95 yards and one TD. Matt Macksood had three rushes for 39 yards and a TD. He caught four passes for 72 yards and a score. Conor Bartlett snagged four passes for 93 yards.


“It was a fun game in that we played some really great football and we turned right around a couple of plays later and played some horrible football,” Ahern said. “They were much bigger than us. I think that affected us a bit on line line play. Overall, it was a very big win for us. They’re a good football team and have some quick skilled kids. We were happy with the win.”


Dan Liesman had 13 tackles plus a sack while Jack Swain added 13 tackles and a sack for Lansing Catholic.


“I thought we did fairly well considering we had a mismatch in size,” Ahern said. “They were so much bigger than us. From that standpoint, we did pretty good. Defensively, we slowed them down even though there was a big size difference.”


This week, Lansing Catholic is at Perry.


“The first two teams were a little more wide open,” Ahern said. “They have a new coach, Rob Poritt; they’re running fullhouse T. It’s a lot difference preparation we’ve had. If we play well, we should win this game. The  key for us is to stop them on offense so we can get our offense in the field.”