Special to Sports Scene
IONIA, Mich. – March 4 – The Michigan High School Powerlifting Association is pleased to
announce this season’s State Powerlifting Championships, March 9-10 at Ionia High School, will
receive support from the Michigan High School Athletic Association.
Powerlifting is not an MHSAA-sponsored sport – that is, the MHSAA does not host postseason
competition or provide rules and regulations for the sport’s oversight. However, most athletes
who will take part in the Powerlifting Championships – and many of their coaches as well – also
participate in MHSAA sports during other seasons.
The Powerlifting Championships will be conducted by the MHSPLA, the governing body for high
school powerlifting in Michigan. Boys varsity competition begins at 9am March 9, followed by
boys junior varsity beginning at 2pm. The girls meet is March 10, with varsity competition
starting at 9am, followed by the junior varsity at 2pm.
More than 100 schools will have athletes competing in each division. Students in grades 7-12
are eligible. There are 13 weight classes for each division, and the top 10 lifters in each will
receive medals. The top five teams in each division also will be awarded.
“Powerlifting has been around for a long time in Michigan, but in the past 10 years we have
seen tremendous growth of participants, specifically in the women's division,” meet director
Mike Holes iof Ionia said. “This year the MHSAA has agreed to be a sponsor of our sport, which we
believe helps the validity of what we are doing with our association.
“The state championship meet is a big deal for Ionia to host this year. We are expecting over
1,100 lifters to qualify and compete throughout the four lifting sessions that will take place on
March 9 and 10. Ionia has hosted a successful regional qualifier the previous seven years, and
we are proud to be the host of the state championship meet this year.”

Michigan high schools reported a total of 2,570 athletes participating in competitive weightlifting during the 2017-18 school year, according to data collected annually

by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). A total of 1,043 girls from
91 Michigan high schools competed in 2017-18, and the MHSPLA has recently added a girls
junior varsity division due to a large increase in girls participation.
Also during the Powerlifting Championships, the MHSPLA will award its annual scholarships to a
male and female lifter based on their lifting and academic achievements.

The MHSAA will serve as a presenting sponsor for the event, providing financial support,
messaging and signage.